Friday, May 10, 2013

Ashmiya's Daughter

There is a customer service agent in Kuwait who is one of the best on the airline that I work for.  Her name is Ashmiya.  One day I was particularly anxious to get the airplane going as soon as possible so I could get home to help my father with a medical appointment he had.  The problem was that due to Daylight Savings Time I had only 15 minutes to make my connecting flight in Washington, if we were on time.   I asked Ashmiya if she could get us out early.  She said she would try.  I told her that if she got us out 15 minutes early I would paint a portrait of her daughter for her.  I was astounded, the station had everyone boarded and ready to go twenty minutes before scheduled departure.  I made my connection.  

 This is Ashmiya's painting.  

11" x 14" 
oil on linen panel


  1. It's wonderful. I don't know enough about art to have an opinion really, but I think your style is developing, like a voice develops in writing. That makes sense, doesn't it?