Thursday, April 25, 2019

Dave's Tiger Moth, Study in Yellow and Violet - #1

Today I started a project in which I will paint approximately forty different color studies of the same subject, my friend Dave Harris' DeHaviland Tiger Moth.  These little studies, each 6 x 8" are oil on canvas and each will be different.  This first study is done in cadmium yellow and violet.  All studies will be mixed from only cadmium yellow pale, ultramarine blue, and alizarin crimson + titanium white.

Each study is being offered for bid starting at $25.  I will donate the proceeds from each sale to a charitable organization of the winning bidder's choosing.  When the last study is complete I will paint a larger 16 x 20" painting of the Tiger Moth which will also be offered for bid, the proceeds of which I will also donate to a charitable cause. 

If you are interested in the first study please visit my Daily Paint Works page:

Dave's Tiger Moth in Yellow and Violet
oil on canvas

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