Monday, May 13, 2013

Rick's Mill

My buddy, Rick, is a Master Electrician who helped me wire my new workshop.  He also helped me wire my house when I bought it back in '94 (1994, not 1894).  He asked me to paint this scene for him.  So I had to learn to paint and it took me almost twenty years to get this to him.  Thankfully he's still alive.   

I tried to work fast as if I were painting plein air, and without paying too much attention to detail except where necessary.   

Rick's Mill
11" x 14" 
oil on stretched linen

Friday, May 10, 2013

Ashmiya's Daughter

There is a customer service agent in Kuwait who is one of the best on the airline that I work for.  Her name is Ashmiya.  One day I was particularly anxious to get the airplane going as soon as possible so I could get home to help my father with a medical appointment he had.  The problem was that due to Daylight Savings Time I had only 15 minutes to make my connecting flight in Washington, if we were on time.   I asked Ashmiya if she could get us out early.  She said she would try.  I told her that if she got us out 15 minutes early I would paint a portrait of her daughter for her.  I was astounded, the station had everyone boarded and ready to go twenty minutes before scheduled departure.  I made my connection.  

 This is Ashmiya's painting.  

11" x 14" 
oil on linen panel

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Making Giclees

Today for the first time I used the new Epson 3880 to print a giclee on canvas.   It worked great.  I didn't have a scan of the painting, Geri, so I used the file of a photograph I had taken.  The painting was, however, scanned professionally and I should receive the file soon.  I printed on a canvas from the Breathing Color company, a product called LYVE canvas, and am very pleased with the result.  Once it's dry I will varnish it with a UV protection polyurethane coating which should really make the colors pop.

The idea is to print giclees for The Center for Great Apes and Bob Ingersol (Project Nim) to sell with all proceeds going to benefit the animals.