Monday, June 3, 2013

After Weistling's HOMEWORK painting

Morgan Weistling has a four DVD set in which he walks the viewer through his entire process for painting one of his complete works, this one called HOMEWORK. Morgan's technique emphasizes painting with tiny tiles of color. Mixing a bit, checking the value and temperature, and then applying it in the right place.  Color is less important than the previous variables. I am following along with the video virtually brush stroke by brush stroke which is very time consuming but I think well worth it. This is the loose, painterly style that I have been hoping to achieve someday. I have about 15 hours in the painting so far and am about 3/4 finished with the second disk. I will post more progress as I go. The face still needs work, especially the bottom half but I am really enjoying this and loving the painterly, rich textured look.

This is what the painting should look like when finished.


  1. Hi are so good at copying. You could have been a marvelous forger. I, too, love Morgan's work and met him at the Prix de West - the famous western art show. He is totally hilarious as a speaker. He had everyone rolling in their seats. Looking forward to seeing this when finished.

  2. Trying anything new will be a wonderful learning experience, but I'm a little weary of the 'loose' school of painting. I'd kill to be able to paint like oh, say...this guy!

  3. Woke up in the middle of the night thinking about my previous comment. What I meant to say was: Watching you explore with paint and turn out these pieces of individual and interesting work is a lot more fun to look at, than all those people trying to paint loose and coming up with stuff that looks like the same 15 minute study. Some do it very, very well, but your own style is unique and charming and it's wonderful to watch you evolve - whatever you study.