Friday, April 12, 2013

Nim Liberated

Nim was painted for Bob Ingersoll who was featured in the HBO film PROJECT NIM (which I recommend).  Nim was the chimp who starred in that film.  Bob loved him very much, was one of his caretakers, and he has dedicated his life to improving the lives of primates.  It is Bob's intention to make reproductions of this painting and sell those reproductions to support the work of chimp sanctuaries here in the USA; The Center for Great Apes, Chimp Haven, Save the Chimps, Wildlife Waystation, and Primarily Primates. Bob plans on making giclee prints in both paper and canvas.  He plans to sell them on the store site: in the next few months.  Bob is a good man and I salute him.  

 Nim Liberated 
20" x 24"  oil on canvas.  
The actual Nim was a bit larger.

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