Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Peaches with Plum - Two Perspectives

People often say, I could never paint.   I tell them that like most things, flying, writing, you name it, so much of it is a matter of study, concentration, preparation, and experience.  But I think it's also true that sometimes some people are just naturals.

Recently my spouse, Karen, expressed interest in trying her hand at painting.  After a brief discussion about mixing colors, value, hue, temperature, mediums, and brushes, we sat down to a still life that we set up with two peaches and a plum.   The first photograph is my version, and the second is Karen's.   I emphasize that this is the first time she has picked up a paint brush.

Frankly, I like hers better than mine.

Garry's Peaches with Plum, 9" x 7", oil on canvas panel

Karen's Peaches with Plum, 9" x 7", oil on canvas panel


  1. My first art teacher Nickolas Damascus told us the sign of a great artist is when he/she feels their students work is better than their own:-)

  2. I think both are very good. I do think if this is her first painting she had excellent directions on what to and she obviously listens well.
    I can tell she has an eye for beauty! Nice to see how proud you are.

  3. Both are really beautiful. Nice palette. Way to go Karen! Woo Hoo!